Pressing & Assembly

With 28 presses that range from 100 tons right up to a 1600 ton double action press, we have the capacity to manufacture even the largest components for a customer base that includes JCB and Nissan.

We run 24 hour shift patterns to accommodate customer requirements and a live capacity planning system, which enables us to effectively plan our schedules and deliveries.

World-class quality

Our running plant average is 15 parts per million quality and we have an on-site dedicated Senior Group Quality Engineer who oversees production.

100% delivery performance

For customers who need to keep their held stock low, we can manufacture on a ‘just in time’ (JIT) basis. To ensure that they get a continuous flow of parts, we can design a bespoke online ordering system and deliver daily to an agreed schedule.

Assembly and fabrication

We are also a volume manufacturer of complex assembled products with spot welding and mig and tig welding capabilities at our Gateshead division.

Facilities at Gateshead include

  • Heavy tandem presses – up to 800 tons
  • Double action press – up to 1600 tons
  • Tool room
  • Die maintenance facility
  • High volume spot welded assemblies
  • Mig/Tig welding.

For enquiries about pressing, assembly and fabrication, call the sales team on 024 7668 9221.