About us

About Us

Every aspect of a project – from design, simulation, machining and tryout to pressing and assembly – is handled in-house by experienced and skilled engineers. We produce and ship thousands of components every day, adding value at each stage of the process and meeting our customers’ timings – and their commercial and engineering objectives.

Located in the Midlands and the North East

We have two divisions, Coventry and Gateshead, both well situated for supplying components to the UK automotive industry.

New tooling design, simulation, machining, prototyping and tryout takes place at Coventry, where we also have capacity for some low volume production presswork.

Our purpose-built pressing and assembly division is at Gateshead; flexible shift patterns give us the capacity to manufacture and deliver over 30,000 components a day – combining quality with volume at a significantly reduced cost.

Our capabilities

We have 33 presses and these range from 60 tons right up to 1600 tons. We also have tandem presses up to 800 tons and progression presses up to 400 tons.

With the full range of 3 and 5 axes CNC machines, a 7.5m x 3m casting bed capacity and 30 ton cranes, we have enormous flexibility in the production of larger components.

For customers that need components on a ‘just in time’ (JIT) basis, we can create a custom-made supply interface to keep ordering quick and easy – and we will also design a delivery system to suit. This ensures that stock levels remain constant.

Passing on cost savings to our customers

One of our greatest skills is the ability to value engineer a product. If we can make improvements and refinements that increase efficiency, buy the raw materials direct from the foundries more competitively and keep the tooling process to a minimum, we can keep the unit cost down and pass on those savings to our customers.

Contact the sales team on 024 7668 9221 to discuss how we can provide engineering solutions for your project.